The University of Buckingham suspends accreditation for courses at the Victoria University in Uganda

The University of Buckingham,  which is the only private research and teaching university of the United Kingdom, is to stop accreditation of courses run at the Victoria University in  Kampala, Uganda.

This is in direct response to proposed legislation against homosexuality in Uganda. Homosexuality is already against the law in Uganda, but the new bill would increase the punishment, including the possibility of a life sentence.

Under both UK and Ugandan law discrimination on a variety of grounds is prohibited; however there are fundamental differences between the two nations’ respective laws regarding equality and diversity, which cannot be reconciled. After seeking legal guidance from both UK and Ugandan lawyers, Victoria University and University of Buckingham have concluded that as the laws of Uganda and UK presently stand, Victoria University cannot comply with both sets of laws.

Victoria University Press Release 8 Jan 2013

Victoria University Press Release 8 Jan 2013

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