Particle physics meets underground art!

The Institute of Physics has commissioned an artistic partnership between physicist Ben Still and artist Lyndall Phelps. A Victorian ice well beneath the London Canal Museum is to become a subterranean physics-inspired art installation this summer.

London Canal Museum, image by Oxyman.

Ben Still is a particle physicist based at Queen Mary, University London. He works on Super-Kamiokande, a neutrino detector which is part of the T2K experiment in Japan.

Victorian ice well to be home for detector-inspired art, IOP News

Some photos of Staszic Palace

I bought a new camera the other day and here are a few pictures of Staszic Palace.

Outside the Staszic Palace, which seat the Polish Academy of Sciences. I am stood next to Bertel Thorvaldsen’s statue of Nicolaus Copernicus.

Now we have a closer picture of me next to Nicolaus Copernicus.

As you can see, Staszic Palace also houses the Warsaw Society of Friends of Learning.

Just a short walk down the road from Staszic Palace is the University of Warsaw.

If you visit Warsaw please take care with the wildlife… not really, this is one of the bears at Warsaw Zoo that are housed just outside the main zoo. You can see them from the street in Praga.