A level physics on the up

atom For the seventh year running the number of students choosing to study A level physics has risen; from 27,368 in 2006 to 35,569 this year. However, students sitting A level exams for all subjects is down by 1.1% as compared to last year.

The government set up the Stimulating Physics Network (SPN) with the aim of getting at least 35,000 students sitting A level physics by 2014. The Institute of Physics has also been very active in promoting physics and physics teaching.

As you can see, the target set by the government has now been reached a year earlier.

Our Stimulating Physics Network is addressing the chronic problem of too few specialist physics teachers in the UK by offering free, bespoke, in-school training to non-specialist science teachers.

Professor Sir Peter Knight, President of IOP

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A level physics – 35,000 target reached IOP news

Stimulating Physics Network

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