It's official, beer goggles also work on the wearer!

This years Ig Nobel prize in psychology went to Laurent Bègue, Brad Bushman, Oulmann Zerhouni, Baptiste Subra and Medhi Ourabah, for confirming that drunk people think they are more attractive than they really are. The experimental work they conducted was published in [1].

This effect had long been observed in the “wild”, but now we have experimental proof that the effect is real.

I might just have to confirm this myself, for science you understand. Any one fancy a beer?

Groundbreaking experimental psychology in action!

[1] “‘Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beer Holder’: People Who Think They Are Drunk Also Think They Are Attractive,” Laurent Bègue, Brad J. Bushman, Oulmann Zerhouni, Baptiste Subra, Medhi Ourabah, British Journal of Psychology, epub May 15, 2012.

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