Physics and mathematics researchers in schools

The UK government is launching a new scheme to encourage those with a PhD in mathematics or physics to teach in high schools in England.

Under the scheme researchers would be paid £40,000 a year for conducting master classes for pupils in networks of schools, setting up free online maths and physics resources for schools to use, and teaching lessons that stretch more advanced students.

However, there is some concern that some of the researchers will not have all the skills needed to teach children, especially those that are struggling with the subjects.

I share some of this concern, however getting researchers involved in schools is a good thing. I don’t know the details here, but I would hope the terms are based on some kind of extended leave from your university.

University researchers to teach pupils in government maths drive BBC News

One thought on “Physics and mathematics researchers in schools”

  1. Is this teaching the brightest or those having trouble?

    If it’s the brightest then fine, but if it’s those in trouble then the present teachers are going to be a lot better than a PHD type at getting slightly thick kids through their GCSE’s.

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