One month without coffee!

Well, as a new years resolution I decided to go without coffee or caffeinated drinks.  It is now just about a month without caffeine, or at least with nothing like the dose previously consumed.

I am not sure what effect this has had on my mathematics.

Paul  Erdös once remarked “in Hungary many mathematicians drink strong coffee”.

Alfréd Rényi stated “a mathematician is a machine which turns coffee into theorems”.

So, I think we can claim a link between coffee and mathematics!

Anyhow,  as of February I will be doing more mathematics in coffee houses.




15 thoughts on “One month without coffee!”

  1. I now only drink coffee before about 11am – apart from when I really need one. Did you notice a difference? And was the difference/struggle transitory?

  2. @Appolinaria I too tend to drink quite a lot of coffee and cola.

    @imatfaal I just decided not to drink anything with caffeine in it form the 1st. I have stuck to that, apart from the odd weakly brewed green tea. So my caffeine intake has been greatly reduced.

    I had headaches for about two days and a general lack of energy. This quickly passed.

    I am now looking forward to some coffee!

  3. I bought one of those awesome metal stovetop espresso makers. How they work is so simple, two chambers, the water heats and rises up to the coffee grinds and then gets trapped in the upper chamber. I’m actually pretty obsessed with it.

  4. @Appolinaria now you are teasing me!

    My plan was no coffee for a month and see from there. I think tomorrow I will be out in the morning for a coffee with my wife.

  5. This is true. Here we don’t have any small cafes or anything else to really choose from. Now that I make coffee at home, Starbucks is barely palatable.

  6. Starbucks is the best, with exception to a few quality shops strewn here and there. Aside from expense, I’ve never understood why so many hate Starbucks. Safeway grocery chain in Canada has Starbucks stands inside. : D

  7. I went to a Starbucks just once — with my brother and at his insistence. I doubt that I will ever go a second time. It turned out to be rather difficult to get across the concept of “a cup of coffee, black”.

    For good coffee nothing beats elk camp.

  8. I stopped drinking coffee entirely. No matter how little sleep I don’t feel a need to drink it anymore.

    Eating raw fruits in the morning long before anything else seems to do just fine as a replacement. Probably exercise will help too. If you want to quit that is. Quality coffee does taste and smell good 🙂

  9. It was not always easy but I did the month. I had a glass of cola last night and a coffee this morning. Just the instant stuff, but for some reason it tastes so much better than I remember!

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