UK postgraduate education failing

A report by The Higher Education Commission states that the UK postgraduate system is failing to generate a skilled workforce that industry needs and is geared towards attracting overseas students. Remember, overseas students pay larger fees and are a large source of income for a university.

The overseas postgraduate students has increased in recent years, up 200% since 1999. There has been a rise of 18% for UK postgraduate students.

In short the UK economy needs more “home-grown talent” rather than continually looking abroad.


The report will be launched on Monday 29 October in the Palace of Westminster. Speakers will include

  • Dr Graham Spittle, Inquiry Chair (Vice President of IBM and former Chair of the Technology Strategy Board)
  • Rt Hon David Willetts MP, Minister of State for Universities and Science (invited)
  • Shabana Mahmood MP, Shadow Minister for Higher Education



Postgraduate Education: An Independent Inquiry by the Higher Education Commission (opens PDF)