The use of symbols to represent swearing actually has a name: grawlix

[I]t looks to have been coined by Beetle Bailey cartoonist Mort Walker around 1964. Though it’s yet to gain admission to the Oxford English Dictionary, OED Editor-at-Large Jesse Sheidlower describes it as “undeniably useful, certainly a word, and one that I’d love to see used more.”

What's an Appropriate Font for 'Anal?'

Indiana Jones and the Fonts on the Maps

Whenever Indy is traveling great distances, which happens in all the films, there is a montage of the airplane or boat superimposed over an animated map showing the route. It’s an old-fashioned convention, an homage to the movies of the Thirties and Forties. Unfortunately, the typefaces would be more at home a few decades later.

We all know getting the physics right is the only thing that matters. Everything else gets filed under “willing suspension of disbelief.”

Will Kem 4 Food


Kerning is the adjustment of the spacing between letter pairs in printing. Improperly done, (overkerning?) this can make letters run together, and e.g. “rn” is difficult to distinguish from “m,” especially for those of us with less-than-perfect eyesight. (And take care not to shove your “L” too close to your “I” since that could be a real FLICK-UP.) This leads to the creation of the term keming: improper kerning.

I yeam for thee, my heart bums when you are dose.

Dangers of keming
Trick or Treat