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They're Wafer Thin

Saturn’s rings to disappear Tuesday

The rings shine because they reflect sunlight. But every 15 years, the rings turn edge-on to the sun and reflect almost no sunlight.

Particle Physics Publishing = Real Estate

Timing and location count when announcing particle physics results

Together, these points make it clear that researchers in HEP don’t use journals to communicate scientific ideas. They may notice a paper is published, and they certainly value the peer-review and other functions provided by the journals, but they don’t communicate using the journals; instead they use arXiv, which is much faster.

Pick a Peck of Pixels

A pixel, from Earth to the Moon, to the infinite and beyond

How big of a screen would you need to resolve the Apollo craft as a single pixel in an image which includes the earth and the moon?

Speaking of higher resolution, while I was contemplating Olbrich’s image I started thinking of what would be the size of Apollo space shuttle in the image. It would certainly be so tiny that it would be invisible to us. The next geekiest question would be: what should be the image’s minimum resolution to make the modules appear as a single pixel?



Physics Buzz: How to Build a Spectrometer with Just Three Household Items

How to build a cereal box spectrometer.