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The Year in Pixels

The Big Picture: The Year in Pictures . Part 1, part 2, part 3.

There are a few “what happens next is obvious” pictures in there, such as the (imminent) plane crash and bike crash (16 and 21, respectively, in part 2), or “just the right moment” pictures, which might be a little easier to capture in the digital age, because “film” is almost unlimited and free. You are able to take many pictures in rapid succession, and are more limited by battery capacity than how much film/storage you can carry, so grabbing just the right moment is a little easier. That doesn’t diminish the awesome nature of each shot, though. It just allows us to see more of them.

Crater Lake

Ran across this awesome time-lapse taken at Crater Lake, OR. During my time in grad school I only went there once, as it was a five-hour trek from Corvallis. The camping trips we took were generally closer to town.

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