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Renaissance CERN

Drawings of the elements of CMS detector, in the style of Leonardo da Vinci

A Royale with Cheese

Fed up with imperial

I gained a niece and a nephew in the last few weeks. They were about the normal size for babies, which is about 8 pounds plus a few shillings. I know this is roughly what babies often weigh. But I do not know why we weigh babies in currency.

What really grates is that I can’t get some imperial measures out of my head. Like the baby thing. What does an average baby weigh in kilogrammes? (About three and a half, but I had to look it up, even though one of my kids was born in Germany.)

The US gets a lot of flack for not having gone metric, but it seems that places that have gone metric still haven’t fully gone metric.

The pub is a mile (about 19,296 yards, or three times as many feet) down the road and they are served beer in pints (about 78 and three eighths fluid ounces). It’s just not fair.

Not sure of the reference here. A mile is 1760 yards on this side of the pond.