Bless His/Her Heart

Back to School, Nifty Sayings & Bless Your Heart

Richie’s Nifty List of 5 Sayings You Can Probably Use Without Getting Fired


At a recent summer workshop, we decided that you can say just about anything as long as you end your statement with “Bless her heart” or “Bless his heart.” Now before you go off being a naysaying unbeliever just try saying these little ditties aloud and you’ll see what I mean…

“Oh my, she’s dumber than a bag of cat hair, bless her heart.”

“Oh my goodness, his classroom management skills are absolutely horrible, bless his heart.”

“She certainly gained quite a bit of weight over the summer, bless her heart.”

How Does Calculus Compare?

Your math teacher, Darth Vader. (Boy, is he strict!)

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The ability to calculate the length of the hypotenuse is insignificant next to the power of the force.

I have to add — I would have noted that Vader’s board skills leave something to be desired, but he might have found my lack of faith to be disturbing.